2020 Strategic Plan

ASGCT is committed to seizing the tremendous growth in the science and clinical application of gene and cell therapy, and our membership recognizes the potential of the immense global impact in their work.

The world of gene and cell therapy is a dramatically different place than it was when the previous strategic plan was written in 2016. The Board of Directors, alongside a broad and diverse group of ASGCT member-volunteers, has written the following plan to best represent our members across academia, medicine, and industry.


Communicate scientific discoveries and clinical applications to patient communities, the public, and media.

ASGCT will be the most trusted source of information on the science, technology, and application of gene and cell therapy, providing timely and accurate updates through myriad media.

The Society will proactively publicize and promote the field, delivering meaningful content, engaging broader audiences, and facilitating public discourse in order to dispel myths, confront challenges, incorporate gene and cell therapy into mainstream healthcare, and provide ethical leadership and crisis management.

  1. Conduct a landscape analysis and develop a deeper understanding of the nature of professional and lay resources regarding gene and cell therapy. 
  2. Establish a comprehensive strategy for generating content and leading discussion on gene and cell therapy in focused media as well as a process by which the Society may adequately respond to and engage with stakeholders as issues arise.
  3. Continue and expand efforts to reach prospective patient populations and provide timely, accurate, and responsible information about gene and cell therapy.


Educate members and other stakeholders on multiple platforms, empowering communities to advance the science and application of gene and cell therapy.

ASGCT will be the premier provider of live and on-demand educational materials to scientists, physicians, patient advocates, and other professionals on the science, technology, and application of gene and cell therapy.

The Society will continue to expand content through the Annual Meeting, establish new live programming, leverage relationships with other organizations, and develop web-based programming including a clinical trials registry and database.

  1. Expand the scope of educational programming offered in conjunction with the Annual Meeting, including a “state of the field” keynote, additional and more diverse symposia, and expanded pre-meeting workshops.
  2. Deliver a broader range of educational offerings encompassing scientific, global regulatory, public policy, and industry-focused topics through an annual Policy Summit.
  3. Provide in-person leadership training to new officers, directors, and committee chairs.
  4. Leverage strategic partnerships with related scientific, clinical, trade, patient advocacy, academic, and other organizations to deliver co-branded gene therapy educational content, including a “Best of ASGCT.”
  5. Develop a comprehensive series of on-demand educational content through the Society’s web site.


Advocate on behalf of members to lawmakers and policymakers to support the success of and patient access to gene and cell therapy.

ASGCT will represent scientists, physicians, patient advocates, and other stakeholders to lawmakers and policymakers.

The Society will advocate to maximize access, promote a regulatory environment that supports clinical translation, and ensure robust research funding to propel scientific advancement of gene and cell therapy. ASGCT will mediate internal and public dialogue on how best to maximize access to gene therapy.

  1. Promote access to gene and cell therapy by increasing transparency and dialogue among stakeholders and serving as the champion for access to legislators, regulators, and payers.
  2. Encourage broader applications and access to genetic testing, including newborn screening, leading to improved diagnoses and explore criteria for assessing efficacy of gene and cell therapies.
  3. Create and facilitate a global registry of patients who receive gene therapy generating meaningful data to improve patient outcomes and promote access.
  4. Better understand and create a forum for understanding global regulatory landscape for advancing gene and cell therapies outside of the United States.


Innovate by driving scientific and technological advancements while inspiring new scientists and other professionals to enter the field.

ASGCT will directly encourage federal research funding agencies to support both general and specific gene and cell therapy research projects.

The Society will also leverage its own resources and collaborate with a broad group of stakeholders to both set the direction for innovative research and award individual projects and researchers in line with those directives.

  1. Through a concerted and concentrated effort, deeply engage with the National Institutes of Health, to assist in setting the direction of gene and cell therapy research through specific RFAs and/ or other programs and ultimately increase NIH funding for gene and cell therapy research.
  2. Drive scientific and technological innovation through ASGCT by establishing new grant and award programs that support member efforts in a variety of research settings.
  3. Identify and cultivate future scientific leaders through funded fellowship programs, either executed by the Society or in partnership with others.
  4. Encourage support and advancement of research through partnerships and collaborations resulting in increased funding opportunities in the field.

Global Outreach

Foster global outreach by advancing knowledge, education, and awareness of gene and cell therapy around the world.

ASGCT will expand its mission outside of the United States, increasing membership, offering programming, and promoting access throughout the world.

The Society will work to bring together the global community of gene and cell therapy professionals to participate in current programming within the United States, establish new international partnerships and strengthen existing ones, and identify opportunities to promote gene and cell therapies particularly in countries with low- and middle-income economies.

  1. Reach gene and cell therapy researchers and professionals outside the United States, promoting membership and participation within the Society.
  2. Partner with established professional societies based outside the United States to deliver coordinated scientific and educational content and cross promote the program offerings of each organization.
  3. Foster equitable access to gene therapy in countries with low- and middle-income economies through research collaborations, targeted funding and award opportunities, and outreach efforts.
  4. Incorporate global audiences into the Society’s other programming, including communications, advocacy, and education efforts.

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September 23-24, 2024 | Washington, D.C.

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