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ASGCT advocates tirelessly for the work of our members

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Policy Summit

The 2020 Policy Summit will cover regulatory and government relations, market access, and ethical issues over 2.5 days, September 23-25. Find agendas, speaker information, and sponsorship opportunities here.

Pillars of Advocacy

Defining Value

Gene and cell therapy will have a financial impact on patients, providers, and payers. ASGCT is committed to understanding that impact and educating decision-makers engaged in developing policies that influence patient access to treatments.

Suppporting Research

The benefits gene and cell therapy deliver to patients are cultivated and sustained through federally funded research programs and policies that support investment. ASGCT supports the effort to bring new therapies from the lab to the public.

Promoting Awareness

As the promise of gene and cell therapy becomes a reality, ASGCT is leading the conversation among policy makers by encouraging open and thorough discussion. The Society is intent on yielding thoughtful and well-informed health policies.

Advocacy & Public Policy Resources

Legislative Updates

Learn about recent legislative issues that ASGCT is monitoring or taking action on.

Regulatory Updates

Read about regulatory changes that effect the field of gene and cell therapy. 

Strategic Alliances

To strengthen ASGCT’s advocacy efforts and its ability to significantly impact policymakers on a larger scale, the Society maintains partnership with coalitions, other professional membership associations, research foundations, and patient advocacy groups.

Pillars of Advocacy

ASGCT is committed to advancing gene and cell therapy through three primary objectives: defining value, supporting research, and promoting awareness. 

Government Relations Publications

Read recent ASGCT publications including the white paper on gene editing and our response to the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences request for information.

Committees in Action

The Government Relations Committee and the Clinical Trials & Regulatory Affairs Committee have both been tracking legislation, working with regulatory bodies, and advocating for the members of ASGCT.


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May 12-15, 2021