Gene Therapy 101

ASGCT on SciShow

ASGCT partnered with SciShow to discuss three groundbreaking gene therapy frontiers. These videos are a great complement to ASGCT's Patient Education portal and we're proud to support free educational community resources. Watch all three episodes on YouTube!

Gene Therapy Basics

Gene therapy has been studied for more than 40 years and can help stop or slow the effects of disease on the most basic level of the human body—our genes. And to understand how it works, we’ll start at the basics.

Different Approaches

Gene therapy, cell therapy and gene editing are fields of biomedical research with a similar goal in mind: To treat disease by changing our bodies at a microscopic level. What do these approaches have in common, and what makes them different? Let’s dive in.

Developing A Treatment

Before they can improve the lives of patients, gene and cell therapies spend a lot of time in preclinical studies and clinical trials. Let’s learn how gene therapies go from concepts into actual treatments available for patients.

More Resources

Additional websites, information, definitions and FAQs for patients, families, advocates, and the public.


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