Strategic Plan

Driving universal access to cell and gene therapies.

strat-plan-circle.jpgASGCT’s strategic plan centers on driving universal access to cell and gene therapies and builds upon the existing plan, drawing inspiration from its structure and reliance on strategic priorities. The Society also identified three inter-dimensional foci that influence all of our strategic priorities and related programs: clinical implementation, discovery, and safety and efficacy.


Inform professionals, patient communities, and the public of scientific discoveries and medical advances in cell and gene therapy.

ASGCT will be the most trusted source of information on the science, technology, and clinical delivery of CGT.  The Society will proactively publicize and promote the field, delivering meaningful content, engaging broader audiences, confronting challenges, and facilitating public discourse.


Teach researchers, patients/caregivers, and other stakeholders in an effort to advance the science and application of cell and gene therapy, empowering members and non-members alike. 

ASGCT will be the premier provider of education to scientists, physicians, patients/caregivers, and other professionals with a focus on proliferating scientific findings, accelerating clinical adoption of CGTs, and identifying and addressing barriers to widespread accessibility.  The Society will deliver educational content to diverse audiences including aspiring health professionals and community leaders utilizing a variety of platforms and tailored content to each audience, with intentionality and commitment to rigor and educational excellence.


Represent the entire field of cell and gene therapy, expanding access for patients to therapies that are safe and effective.

ASGCT will serve as the collective voice of its members and the CGT field with lawmakers, policymakers, and others, promoting its interests and policy positions.  The Society will advocate to maximize access, ensure safety, and foster a regulatory environment that supports clinical translation of CGT.


Drive scientific, translational, and medical advances in cell and gene therapy, inspiring, enabling, and supporting new ideas.

ASGCT will empower researchers and advance research programs leading to the discovery and improvement of clinical applications for CGTs.  The Society will also leverage its own resources and collaborate with a broad group of stakeholders to both set the direction for innovative research and award individual projects and researchers in line with those directives.

2016 Strategic Plan

In order to better meet the increasing needs of our different constituencies, ASGCT embarked on a strategic planning summit in 2015. Learn more about the five goals of the Society. 

2020 Strategic Plan

ASGCT committed to seizing the tremendous growth in the science and clinical application of gene and cell therapy, and our membership recognizes the potential of the immense global impact in their work.


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September 23-24, 2024 | Washington, D.C.

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