ASGCT 2016 Strategic Plan

In order to better meet the increasing needs of our different constituencies, ASGCT embarked on a strategic planning summit in 2015. Learn more about the five goals of the Society.

Gene and cell therapy is currently undergoing a transformation based on technologies that have been perfected over the last two decades, while other new and exciting technologies are continually being developed. From congenital blood and immune disorders to acquired eye diseases to CAR T cells, we see the many years of research supported by ASGCT and increasingly by industry begin to bear fruit. Several recent IPOs by gene and cell therapy companies and widely publicized investment by big pharma companies in the area underscore the rising acceptance and commercial enthusiasm for cell engineering, oligonucleotide delivery, gene transfer, gene editing and many other related modalities.

In order to better meet the increasing needs of our different constituencies, ASGCT embarked on a strategic planning summit in 2015, from which five goals emerged:

  1. Support Students and Trainees
  2. Educate the Public and Policy Makers
  3. Enhance ASGCT Membership
  4. Collaborate with Other Stakeholders
  5. Empower Industry

Support Students and Trainees

ASGCT seeks to support student and trainee involvement in the field of gene and cell therapy through increased access to ASGCT volunteer positions, relevant educational programs, and funding opportunities.

New Initiatives and Accomplishments

  • ASGCT approved revisions to its bylaws to allow Associate Members to serve on standing and scientific committees.
  • ASGCT created a Trainee Committee as a forum for Associate Member trainees to provide input to the Society regarding issues specifically relevant to training and career development, and to provide trainee perspectives and expertise to the Society.
  • ASGCT has created a Trainee Lounge at the Annual Meeting to serve as a designated space for students and fellows to network.  In 2018, the Lounge is expanding in size and scope by offering educational sessions on career advancement, funding opportunities, and the development of intellectual property.
  • ASGCT has increased its award offerings during the Annual Meeting, continuing the meritorious abstract travel awards and Excellence in Research Awards as well as establishing the Outstanding Poster Presentation Awards and Minority Travel Grants.  In sum, ASGCT provides more than 150 awards each year. 

Future Initiatives

  • The Society will Develop a core competency curriculum to facilitate research opportunities for clinical fellows
  • Select the top 5 abstracts from each Annual Meeting and provide funding for those students/fellows to present at the other Annual Meeting
  • Create webinars throughout the year with interviews focused on alternative careers
  • Explore development of funding and fellowship opportunities targeting Associate Members

Educate the Public and Policy Makers

ASGCT will provide resources and programs to educate a wide audience including foundations, patients, clinicians, basic researchers, legislators, and regulators that are involved in gene and cell therapy research, commercialization, and regulation.

New Initiatives and Accomplishments

  • ASGCT has established a Government Relations Committee and a federal advocacy program to educate regulators, legislators, and other policy-makers on the current status and future potential of gene and cell therapy, the need for enhanced funding, and an optimized regulatory environment.
  • ASGCT is a member of the National Academies of Science and Medicine Forum on Regenerative Medicine, a convening mechanism for leaders from academia, industry, government, patient and provider organizations, payers, and foundations to provide leadership in and strategies for advancing the field of regenerative medicine.
  • ASGCT is a participant in the FDA Cell Therapy Liaison Meeting.
  • ASGCT joined the Standards Coordinating Body, which aims to efficiently and effectively support sector regulatory submission review to improve the cost, time and resources for sector product development and approval.
  • ASGCT is continuing the Commercialization Workshop, exploring the unique challenges that emerging technologies pose in creating acceptable business models and bringing together the investment community, biotech, pharma, and insurance industries.
  • ASGCT has revised and relaunched it web site with a new design focusing on presenting society information to members, professionals, and the public in more attractive and effective format

Future Initiatives

  • ASGCT will establish and support a multi-faceted public education campaign focused on delivering accurate and easy-to-understand information about gene and cell therapy and its potential impact on patient populations.

Enhance ASGCT Membership

ASGCT will serve its members by increasing and strengthening the benefits of membership and increase specialty-specific educational offerings.

New Initiatives and Accomplishments

  • ASGCT has created new scientific and standing committees to better reflect the professional and scientific interests of its members and increased ethnic and gender diversity on committees to give a broader voice to our constituents in planning Society activities and educational programming
  • ASGCT has established “Committee Dinners” in 2016, allowing select committees to take their committee members and scientific symposium speakers to dinner to foster continued collaboration with potential members and engage the committee members.
  • ASGCT increased registration rate differential between members and non-members making it more financially beneficial to join ASGCT.
  • ASGCT offered reduced registration rates for multiple registrants from the same institution/lab to encourage increased participation from growing institutions.
  • ASGCT has established a coordinated digital media strategy leveraging web and social media presence to increase communication to and among members

Future Initiatives

  • ASGCT is exploring educational content development with webinar series focusing on primary areas of research interest, specialties, body systems, and disease groups.

Collaborate with Other Stakeholders

ASGCT will work to create a stronger and more cohesive gene and cell therapy community by developing relationships with other professional membership societies, alliances, research foundations, patient advocacy groups, and others.

New Initiatives and Accomplishments

  • ASGCT has increased international presence on committees to facilitate more collaboration worldwide.
  • ASGCT coordinated targeted marketing efforts to related international gene therapy societies for the purpose of attracting abstract submissions and international attendees.
  • Annual ESGCT-ASGCT joint Commercialization Workshop will be held at ESGCT’s Annual Congress in October 2016 to continue conversations about commercializing gene and cell therapy products, pricing and reimbursement, and regulatory strategies in the perpetually changing international environment.
  • American Association of Immunologists (AAI) – ASGCT organized a guest society symposium at the AAI IMMUNOLOGY 2016 meeting to be held May 2016 in Seattle, WA.
  • Joint has and will continue to conduct joint educational sessions with the American Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation, International Society of Stem Cell Research, Internal Society of Cell Therapy, and the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy.

Future Initiatives

  • ASGCT is exploring opportunities to connect research foundations with researchers through the Annual Meeting. 

Empower Industry

ASGCT will provide a more welcoming environment for industry and industry-employed professionals that meets their unique and evolving needs.

New Initiatives and Accomplishments

  • ASGCT created three new abstract categories that focus on Clinical Translation of Gene and Cell Therapies for the purpose of increasing Annual Meeting programming focused on the bench to bedside component.
  • We expanded abstract submission marketing efforts to introduce industry partners to opportunities at the ASGCT Annual Meeting.
  • Funding opportunities were expanded to allowed industry to engage in and support the ASGCT Annual Meeting through mechanisms that were most beneficial to each company.
  • Reduced registration rates for multiple registrants from the same company encouraged increased participation from growing companies.
  • ASGCT increased the number of industry mentors at the mentoring event to connect industry with students and trainees.
  • Matchmaking sessions will connect industry to young researchers in their areas of interest.

Future Initiatives

  • ASGCT is surveying individual members employed by industry to determine gaps in member benefits and develop programs to fill any unmet need.


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