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Outstanding Poster Awards Recipients

#20 - Saliogase-based Gene Coding Technology, a Non-Viral Genome Engineering Platform for Efficient CAR-T Generation for Cancer Immunotherapy
Francisco Navarro, PhD (SalioGen Therapeutics)

#8 - Mechanistic Study and Fine Tuning of CD8ab-CD28 Chimeric Co-receptor (CCR) for TCR-T Cell Function Enhancement
Tzu-Hao Tang (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center)

#23 - Leveraging Lentivirus Biology to Achieve Dual Car Expression
Diana A. Vedenova (Sana Biotechnology)

#9 - Advancing Adoptive T Cell Therapy against Cancer through the Development of Dual Costimulatory Receptors
Ryma RT. Toumi, PhD (Seattle Children’s Research Institute)

#13 - Unlocking the Potential of Allogeneic Vδ2 T Cells for Ovarian Cancer Therapy Through CD16 Biomarker Selection and CAR/IL-15 Engineering
Derek Lee, PhD (UCLA)


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