Latest Research and Ethical Considerations for Targeted Insertion of Genes into the Human Genome

December 7, 2022 | 1 - 3 p.m. CT

Genome editing technologies have the potential to dramatically change treatment paradigms for genetic disease. After decades of research, gene editing has made its way into the clinic - but technical and ethical challenges remain. Speakers during this session will give attendees an overview of the development history of gene editing technologies and present some of the newest research in the field. They'll also introduce attendees to some of the key ethical and societal considerations for gene editing technologies and discuss effective science communication and how public perception of gene editing influences the direction of the entire field.

By the end of the session, attendees should leave with both new information about the development and science of gene editing, as well as a deeper understanding of researchers’ responsibilities and opportunities to engage with the most important issues beyond the bench.

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Moderators: Lauren Woodard, PhD (Vanderbilt University) and Thomas Wechsler, PhD (Jannsen BioTherapeutics)

The road toward targeted genome integration: Reviewing the key questions and technological advances of the past and how they inform present breakthroughs and challenges

Michael Holmes, PhD
Tessera Therapeutics

Current high-impact research in gene editing: dCas9-based gene editing for cleavage-free genomic knock-in of long sequences

Le Cong, PhD
Stanford University

Ethical considerations of rewriting the genome – incorporating patient perspectives throughout research and development

Rachel Salzman, DVM
Alcyone Therapeutics

Engaging with the public on genomic science: Collective wisdom and the responsibilities of scientists 

Samira Kiani, MD
University of Pittsburgh


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