Hear Terry Flotte, MD, on the Giants of Gene Therapy Podcast

Yuliya Klochan, MSJ - May 02, 2023

Terry Flotte, MD, the principal investigator for the first human use of AAV vectors in gene therapy, discussed the science and history of AAV—and what he sees as the future of gene therapy and gene editing. ASGCT President Hans-Peter Kiem, MD, PhD, hosted the one-on-one conversation in the sixth episode of ASGCT’s Giants of Gene Therapy.

Terry Flotte, MD, is the Provost, Dean, and Celia and Isaac Haidak Professor at UMass Chan Medical School, with faculty appointments in the Department of Pediatrics and the Horae Gene Therapy Center. He is also a practicing pediatric pulmonologist and a prolific researcher who has authored more than 280 papers and been the principal investigator of multiple clinical gene therapy trials. Dr. Flotte is the editor-in-chief of his field’s oldest journal family, Human Gene Therapy.

In 1995, Dr. Flotte was the principal investigator for the first human use of AAV vectors, in a trial in cystic fibrosis patients. He’s currently investigating the use of gene therapy for genetic diseases that affect children, including alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency and lysosomal storage diseases.

During his one-on-one conversation with ASGCT President Hans-Peter Kiem, MD, PhD, Dr. Flotte discussed the science and history of human use of AAV in gene therapy—and what he sees as the future of gene therapy and gene editing. He also shared his inspiration behind becoming a pediatric pulmonologist, scientist, and medical school dean.

Dr. Flotte has been an ASGCT member since the Society’s founding. He’s served on the board and committees, and spoken at the ASGCT Annual Meeting and other events.  

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Yuliya Klochan, MSJ, is ASGCT's senior communications manager.

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