The Issue

Emily Walsh Martin, PhD, discusses pressing challenges currently facing CGT developers and clinicians.

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Regulatory Landscapes in CGT with Sabrina Mogle

Join Emily Walsh Martin, PhD for an in-depth interview with Sabrina Mogle, co-founder of RareMoon Consulting. 

AAV Immunogenicity with Federico Mingozzi, PhD

Dr. Mingozzi has done seminal work throughout his career in AAV gene therapy. Listen to him talk with Emily Walsh Martin, PhD, about his career and immunogenicity.

Gene Editing Complexities with Tom McCauley, PhD

Tom McCauley, PhD (Omega Therapeutics) joins Emily Walsh Martin, PhD to explore the next generation of molecular therapeutics on the second episode of The Issue, available now on the ASGCT Podcast Network.

The Patient Experience with Michael Storey, PharmD

Michael Storey, PharmD (Nationwide Children's Hospital), and host Emily Walsh Martin, PhD, discuss the path from patient diagnosis to therapy administration for approved gene and cell therapies including the clinical and administrative steps along the way.


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