Giants of Gene Therapy

One-on-one inverviews with cell & gene therapy luminaries

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Luigi Naldini, MD, PhD

Dr. Naldini discusses his intercontinental career and the future of gene editing and use of lentiviral vectors.

Terry Flotte, MD

Dr. Flotte discusses the early days and possible future of gene therapy, the use of AAV to deliver GT to targeted sites in the body, and his inspiration behind becoming a physician, scientist, and medical school dean.

Jennifer Doudna, PhD

Dr. Doudna shares her personal journey to co-inventing CRISPR-Cas9 for gene editing and the promise of her discovery.

Drew Weissman, MD, PhD

Dr. Weissman co-developed the mRNA technology that made the COVID-19 vaccines possible. His inventions were used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and have the potential to treat a range of medical conditions.

Carl June, MD

Dr. June shares his scientific journey, from medical research officer in the U.S. Navy to leader behind the first FDA-approved gene therapy.

Kathy High, MD

Dr. High shares her personal and scientific journey, from hemophilia to retinal disease.

David Baltimore, PhD

Dr. Baltimore discusses the Nobel Prize, searching for answers on an HIV vaccine, and how gene therapy could change the course of history


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