Outstanding Poster Presentation Awards

About the Award

The top poster presentations from each of the three poster sessions that occur during the ASGCT Annual Meeting are awarded Outstanding Poster Presentation Awards. Awardees are honored through notification to all meeting attendees and receive a special certificate for their contributions 

Criteria and Selection

Any ASGCT member or associate member who submits an abstract to the Annual Meeting is eligible to receive the award. For more information, review the abstract submission guidelines coming soon.

Past Recipients


Yanruide Li
Tumor-Localized Administration of α-GalCer to Recruit Invariant Natural Killer T Cells and Enhance Their Antitumor Activity Against Solid Tumors    

Karthikeyan Ponnienselvan
Reducing the Inherent Auto-Inhibitory Interaction within the pegRNA Enhances Prime Editing Efficiency    Karthikeyan Ponnienselvan

Hector Ribeiro Benatti
A New Minimally Invasive Endovascular Approach to the Cerebello-Pontine Cistern Enables Improved AAV Biodistribution Compared to Cisterna Magna Injection

Sebastian Schellhorn
Targeting Oncolytic Adenoviruses to Cancer Cells Using a Designed Ankyrin Repeat Protein (DARPin) Lipocalin-2 (LCN2) Fusion Protein

David Liao
Optogenetic Therapy with MCO-010 for Vision Restoration in Patients with Severe Sight Loss Due to Retinitis Pigmentosa: The Phase 2b RESTORE Study

Jacob Wechsler
Injectable Stem Cell Therapy Enabled by Microgels to Alleviate Discogenic Low Back Pain

Elad Firnberg
Optimization of AAV-DARPin Fusions to Redirect Capsid Tropism

Beltran Borges
Prenatal Administration of AAV9-GFP in Fetal Lambs Results in Widespread Biodistribution and Transduction of Female, but Not Male, Germ Cells

Rafael Andres Badell-Grau
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Therapy for Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IIIC

Giselle Kaneda
iTenocytes on Microgrooved Scaffolds Promotes Achilles Tendon Regeneration

Malik Aydin
The Role of Natural Killer Cells During Adenovirus Infection: Implications for Adenovirus Based NK-cell Therapy

Carlos Theodore Huerta
E-selectin-Overexpressing Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Based Therapy Reverses Wound Healing Impairments in Ischemic Limbs

Simon Garaudé
Molecular Shielding of the Pan-Hematopoietic Marker CD45 May Enable a Universal Approach for Replacement of the Hematopoietic System

Wensen Jiang
A Cell Subtype-Mediated Mechanism Informs Cell Therapy Strategy for Discogenic Low Back Pain

Douglas Brown
Selective Ablation of Solid Tumors with Dysfunctional p53 Signaling Using a Suicide Gene Delivered via Fusogenix Proteolipid Vehicles

Miao Li
In Vivo Time-Course and Tissue-Wide Gene Profiling Reveals Distinct Signatures of CAR-T and CAR-iNKT Cell Responses to Solid Tumors

Jayanta Mondal
Neutrophils Conspire with CD8+ Exhausted T Cells to Promote Breast Cancer Lung Metastasis upon Loss of BRD7

Laura Pisani
RGX-111 Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Severe Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I (MPS I): Interim Analysis of Data from the First in Human Study

Dezhuang Ye
Focused Ultrasound-Mediated Intranasal Delivery of AAV to Targeted Brain Regions with Minimal Systemic Exposure

Maryam Hejazi
A Novel Fusogenix Proteolipid Vehicle-Based Platform for Efficient Delivery of Gene Therapy Products into the Eye

Domenica Martorana
Novel CGT Viral Vector Lysis Kit for AAV Enables a Standardized AAV Workflow from Cell Lysate to Absolute and Precise Quantification of Viral Titers

Katrin Schröer
Adenovirus Type 34 and HVR1-Deleted Adenovirus Type 5 Do Not Bind to PF4: Clearing the Path towards Vectors without Thrombosis Risk

Ugur Uslu
Combining CAR T Cell Therapy with Novel STING Agonist for Successful Treatment of Solid Tumors

Sara Feola
The Dirtier the Better: Viral Pre-Existing Immunity a Friend of Oncolytic Viruses Based Therapy

Anna Hartley
Generation and Persistent Genetic Modification of Virus- and Factor-Free Human iPSCs into Kidney Organoids Using S/MAR DNA Vectors

Kelcee Everette
Ex Vivo Prime Editing Corrects the Sickle Cell Allele in Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Corrects Disease Phenotypes in Mice

Jia Qi Cheng Zhang
Development of Miniaturized CRISPR Activation for a Single AAV Delivery Method for Muscular Dystrophy

Jennifer Waldo
Non-Evolved dCas9 Epigenetic Editors Targeting NGG PAM Sites Are Required for Knockdown of HTT

Kristen Ngai
Point Mutations on Omicron BA.5 Confer Vaccine and Antibody Evasion

Yanruide Li
Development of Allogeneic HSC-Engineered iNKT Cells for Off-the-Shelf Cancer Immunotherapy


Juan Aponte-Ubillus
Bioprocess Strategies to Mitigate the Impact of Proteases on Adeno-Associated Viral (AAV) Vector VP1 Capsid Content

Motahareh Arjomandnejad
Tropism of AAV-rh32.33 for Skin Endothelial Cells and Fibroblasts

Matthew Burke
Comprehensive Evaluation of the Fiber Type and Fiber Size Preference of AAV8 and AAV9 in the Canine DMD Model

Jacob Bridge
Efficient Non-Viral Engineering and Large-Scale Expansion of Polyclonal γδ T Cells

Dylan Cable
Cell Type-Specific Differential Expression in Spatial Transcriptomics for Identification of Pathologically-Relevant Genetic Targets

Hao Chang
Tri-GalNAc Conjugation to AAV Capsid Enhances Transduction of Human Hepatocytes In Vitro

Kristina Chern
Evaluation of rAAV Serotypes in the Murine Anterior Chamber for the Treatment of Glaucoma

Miguel Chuapoco
Intravenous Gene Transfer Throughout the Brain of Infant Old World Primates Using AAV

Cristina Colleoni
Characterization of the Non-Cell Autonomous Effects of Oncogene Activation on Hematopoiesis as a Possible Adverse Event in HSC Gene Therapy

Colin Cook
AAV Superproduction: Achieving 1016vg/L Productivity in the High Density Cell Respirator

Jérôme Denard
AAV-Mediated Gene Therapy of Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Progressive Myoclonic Epilepsy (SMA-PME) and Farber Disease

Zac Elmore
AAV Hijacks Cellular Secretion Machinery for Efficient Viral Egress

Ryan Fink
Novel RNA Therapeutic Strategy to Optimize RNA Targeting in Brain Cancer

Anna Hartley
Identification of an Antiviral Drug as a Novel Potentiator of H-1PV-Mediated Oncolysis

Juliette Hordeaux
Determining the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) of a Clinical Candidate AAV Vector Encoding Engineered Alpha-Galactosidase A Transgene in a Mouse Model of Fabry Disease

Ram Jha
Development of a Minocycline Mediated Protein-Protein Displacement Platform Using an Anti-Minocycline Single Domain Antibody and a Dedicated Displaceable Peptide

Seonah Kang
Adaptation of Multi-Plasmid Transfection-Based AAV Production to High Density Cell Respirator Bioreactors Yields Functional Vector

Erin Kavanaugh
Nanoparticles for Correction of a Rare Cystic Fibrosis Variant

Takashi Kishimoto
Combination of ImmTOR Tolerogenic Nanoparticles and IL-2 Mutein Synergistically Inhibits the Formation of Anti-AAV Antibodies

Myungeun Lee
A Novel Chimeric Nanosystem for Piggyback Delivery of mRNA Vectors

Anoushka Lotun
Ubiquitous ASPA Gene Therapy Changes Neuronal Cell Expression in Region-Specific Manner in Canavan Disease

Christopher Luthers
Quantification of DNA Contamination within Recombinant Adeno Associated Virus Preps Correlates with CD34+ Cell Potential

Oriana Mandolfo
Developing an iPSC-Based Therapeutic Approach to Reverse MPS IIIA Neurodegeneration

Sean McCutcheon
CRISPR-Based Epigenome Editing Screens in Primary Human T Cells

Christopher Nicolai
VivoVec: A Novel Lentiviral-Based In Vivo CAR T Cell Generation Platform with Viral Particle Surface Engineering Incorporating T Cell Activating and Co-Stimulatory Ligands

Julia Peterson
A Protocol for Expanding Mouse HSPCs to High Cell Yields for Pre-Clinical Screenings of Gene Therapy Vector Constructs

Francesco Puzzo
R-Loops as Determinant of AAV Integration by Homologous Recombination

Ziqing Qian
Development of Endosomal Escape Vehicles to Enhance the Intracellular Delivery of Oligonucleotides

Matthew Roach
Identification and Validation of Target Receptors for AAV9

Joan Roag-Soriano
AAV-Mediated Expression of αKlotho Isoforms Rescues Relevant Aging Hallmarks in SAMP8 Mice

Anna Sternberg
An Enhanced Hemostatic Factor VIII Variant for Hemophilia A Gene Therapy

Amber Van Laar
Safety and Preliminary Clinical Findings of Neurosurgical AAV2-GDNF Delivery for Parkinson’s Disease

Anne Vonada
Correction of Phenylketonuria by Drug-Mediated Expansion of Transplanted Hepatocytes In Vivo

Jennifer Waldo
Split dCas9 AAV for Knockdown of HTT

Carlos Munoz Zuluga
Identification of the Therapeutically Beneficial Intravenous Dose of AAVrh.10hFXN to Treat the Cardiac Manifestations of Friederichs's Ataxia


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