ASGCT Launches New Patient Education Site With More Resources

ASGCT Staff - September 01, 2020

ASGCT will release new resources in the coming weeks for diseases including Batten, Fabry, and sickle cell.

ASGCT is proud to announce the launch of a brand new Patient Education site, which now hosts all of the program's existing resources as well as new resources on vectors, disease treatments, clinical trials, and more!

ASGCT will release these new resources this month on the new site, We are excited that this site allows the educational content to be more user friendly, dynamic, and appealing. You can also access the site through

The resources are developed by the ASGCT Patient Outreach Committee in coordination with patient advocacy groups and stakeholders. Their goal is to make accurate, reliable, and accessible information about gene and cell therapies available to patients and the public.

This is the third group of resources from ASGCT's Patient Education Program. During this round, we'll release new pages, videos, and infographics on:

Additionally, we're excited to highlight Patient Journey, a set of resources to help guide patients through the challenging journey from diagnosis to pursuing gene therapy treatment.

Let us know what you think of the new site and collection of resources by sending feedback to ASGCT Patient Outreach Manager Ali Kujawski.


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