Introducing Auto-Renew for ASGCT Memberships

ASGCT Staff - October 13, 2022

Keep your membership current—and receive fewer emails—when you add auto-renew to your account. 

We’re officially in renewal season for ASGCT members, and we’re excited to share a brand new service that will make maintaining your membership easier and faster—it will also help you keep a clean email inbox. 

New for 2023, ASGCT is offering auto-renew for all memberships. You can now maintain your benefits within the Society just like you would with many other memberships and subscriptions in your life by selecting the automatic renewal checkbox. What’s more, you’ll be removed from ASGCT’s renewal messaging campaigns and reduce the number of membership-based emails you receive from ASGCT by as much as 75 percent. 

Renew Your ASGCT Membership

How Does Auto-Renew Work? 

During checkout, when you join or manually renew your membership with ASGCT, you’ll be presented with the option to “automatically pay future renewals” during the checkout process. Your membership will automatically renew at the end of each year with this checkbox selected, allowing you uninterrupted access to discounted rates for Annual Meeting registration, member-rate publication in the Molecular Therapy family of journals, and ASGCT’s full catalog of educational event content. 

How Do I Know When I’ll Be Charged for Renewing My Membership? 

Members currently receive continued communication from ASGCT to renew their membership, primarily through email. Those taking advantage of our auto-renew service will be removed from any ongoing membership or renewal communication campaigns and will instead receive just three messages: 

  1. A reminder in September that your membership is set to auto-renew in mid-December with instructions on how to manage your auto-renew status 

  1. Advance notice one to two weeks prior to renewal that your existing payment information will be used to renew your membership on a specific date 

  1. A confirmation/receipt in mid-December, prior to the opening of Annual Meeting registration, confirming your renewal 

ASGCT Member Services will contact you directly if your payment information is set to expire before renewal or if a payment doesn’t work properly for any reason. 

Does ASGCT Store Payment Information? 

No. ASGCT uses something called “tokenization” to protect member payment data, and no credit card data is stored in the ASGCT database. This added layer of security replaces payment information with a randomly generated series of numbers called a “token.” This token is usable only by the Society, which is then able to process payment through the token without exposing the details of any card or bank information. You’re likely already using similar systems when you shop online or use mobile payment tools like Apple Pay or Android Pay. 

Can I Turn Auto-Renew Off? 

Of course! You may edit your payment information and enrollment status from your online Member Dashboard. You may also email us at, and someone from our Member Services team will help you add or remove auto-renew from your account.