Understanding Ethical Concerns About Germline Gene Editing

ASGCT Staff - December 16, 2020

Our newest Patient Education resource on germline gene editing addresses key questions that patients, families, and the public may have about this technology.

A new resource now available on ASGCT's Patient Education site focuses on the ethical issues related to germline gene editing. This resource is the latest module in the Patient Journey section, which provides information to guide patients from disease diagnosis to pursuing a gene therapy.

 As is typical with medical advances, questions have arisen about the boundaries of ethical uses of gene therapies. Germline gene editing is a significant issue that draws questions about the responsible use of technology. By discussing and understanding ethical issues, patients and their families can engage in informed, shared decision making with the medical and research community about how new technologies should be used. 

The germline gene editing page addresses a number of key questions that patients, their families, and the public might have about this technology:  

  • What is gene editing? 

  • How does gene editing in somatic cells differ from germline gene editing?  

  • What are the ethical concerns for germline gene editing? 

A final Patient Journey resource on ensuring legitimacy of stem cell clinical trials will be released in early 2021.

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