Rayne Rouce, MD

At-Large Director (2021-2024)

I am a pediatric oncologist and physician scientist with interests in lymphoma and leukemia, specifically how to harness the immune system to recognize and attack tumors. I have spent the past seven years in the translational research laboratories of the Center for Cell and Gene Therapy at Baylor College of Medicine, where I work as a clinical and translational investigator conducting immunotherapy trials. I have significant experience in every aspect of translation and clinical trial development, from study conception (specifically chimeric antigen and virus-specific modified T cells for hematologic malignancies) to preclinical laboratory-based validation and ultimately clinical practice. I have additional experience in regulatory aspects such as submission of protocols and INDs to the IRB and other regulatory agencies, as well as clinical trial conduct, such as validation and data analysis. Over the past few years, my primary projects have involved 1) developing a clinical protocol using third-party “off the shelf” EBV-specific T-cell lines generated with a rapid technology using overlapping peptide pools as a source of antigen; 2) developing a clinical protocol using multivirus-specific CD19 CAR-transduced T cells to prevent and treat relapse and viremia post HSCT; and 3) developing a clinical protocol using a novel CAR to treat refractory T-cell malignancies. I serve as pediatric clinical cell therapy lead, co-director of the immunotherapy fellowship and associate director of clinical research for cell/gene therapy products. I am committed to ensuring the seamless translation of cellular and gene therapy products to the clinic, while enhancing funding for, access to, and commercialization of these valuable therapeutics.


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May 7-11, 2024 | Baltimore, MD

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