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Effectiveness of Gene Therapy Delivery to the Brain Varies by Species
September 19, 2019

In reviewing a recent Molecular Therapy article, Edith Pfister, Ph.D., associate editor of ASGCT's newsletter The Vector, outlines patterns of virus CNS transduction efficiency in non-human primates in comparison with mice.

ASGCT's Role in Treating Sickle Cell Disease
September 16, 2019
President's Message

September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month, and a major goal of ASGCT’s new strategic plan is to expand our outreach to countries outside the U.S.

2020 Annual Meeting Website is Now Live
September 09, 2019
Annual Meeting

For the most up-to-date information on our upcoming Annual Meeting, you can now visit

NIH Director Collins to Speak at ASGCT Policy Summit

Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D., director of the National Institutes of Health, will deliver his keynote address, "The Need for an International Moratorium on Clinical Uses of Human Germline Gene Editing," on day three of the ASGCT Policy Summit, November 6.

What to Expect at the ASGCT Policy Summit
September 04, 2019
Policy Updates

With a new name and expanded programming, the 2019 ASGCT Policy Summit brings a wide range of gene therapy experts and stakeholders from around the world to Washington, D.C. November 4-6 to discuss the challenges of and solutions to successful gene therapy development, access, and use.

ASGCT Policy Summit
November 4 – 6 | Washington D.C.