William Thiel, PhD

University of Iowa, Research Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine - Hematology, Oncology and Blood and Marrow Transplantation

What is your current professional status?

Assistant Professor

What is your work setting (i.e. academic institution, government organization, bio-industry/pharmaceutical company, etc.)?

Academic Institution

What is your scientific area of research?

Cardiovascular Disease

Why do you want to be a mentor?

I would like to be a mentor because I enjoy helping people and I like the interaction and enthusiasm of early career scientists.

As a mentor, what are you hoping to gain from this experience?

As a mentor I would like to know that I helped a fellow scientists in their career.

How important are the following in the selection of a mentee: (1 – 5 scale, 1 = most important, 5 = least important)

  • Compatibility of Scientific Specialties: 2
  • Geographic Location: 4
  • Professional Status / Success: 3
  • Compatibility of Career Path: 2
  • Communication Style: 3

Please provide a biography that describes who you are and what you do in the field of gene and/or cell therapy:

Throughout my research career, I have had a strong commitment to cardiovascular disease. My laboratory is currently interested in deciphering the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease development and progression using cell-targeting ligands (aptamers) and to develop novel treatments with these reagents. I also have an interest in the development of novel aptamer bioinformatics algorithms and methods to support my laboratory's research into cardiovascular disease.

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