Leszek Lisowski, PhD, MBA

Children's Medical Research Institute, University of Sydney, Associate Professor

What is your current professional status?

Associate Professor

What is your work setting?

Academic Institution

What is your scientific area of research?

AAV vectorology and genome editing

Why do you want to be a mentor?

I was lucky to receive just the right level of mentorship when I was going through my scientific training. But I also know many examples of people who were not as lucky as I was and whose careers suffered as a consequence. Having seen the good and the bad, I believe I can help the next generation of scientists to make the right choices. It is also important that they are aware of what choices they have, and this lesson is often lacking in most graduate programs. We don't all have to "grow up" to be PIs. There are other paths people can take and be successful, happy and contribute to the society, and taking those paths is not a sign of failure. I myself have taken a parallel paths in academia and industry and I would like my career choices to serve as an example that there is more to this career than a geeky professor with duck-taped glasses.

As a mentor, what are you hoping to gain from this experience?

While I received fair amount of mentoring when i was in the graduate school and during my postdoctoral training, the process is not over. I don't think the process ever ends. I am still being mentored by the senior members of my institution as well as by members of my team. I am hoping that the people I mentor during the event will do the same for me.

How important are the following in the selection of a mentee?
(1 – 5 scale, 1 = most important, 5 = least important)

Compatibility of Scientific Specialties: 4

Geographic Location: 4

Professional Status / Success: 3

Compatibility of Career Path: 2

Communication Style: 1 (most)

Summarize in a brief paragraph (150 words or less), please provide a biography that describes who you are and what you do in the field of gene and/or cell therapy.

I am a US citizen who relocated to Australia to establish his independent research career. My team specializes in AAV biology and vectorology, AAV Directed Evolution, AAV platform development, and AAV-mediated genome editing. While Liver is our primary target organ, we also work on CNS, eye, kidney, muscle, HPSC, iPSC and many others. In addition to my academic activities, i received MBA degree and became directly involved in establishment of startup companies, which is a fascinating and very fulfilling addition to my research career.

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23rd Annual Meeting

May 12-15 | Boston