Workshops and Courses

Clinical Trials Training Course (2017)

Content from this 2017 pre-meeting workshop from the 20th Annual Meeting is being shared online by popular request from Society membership. As the Society is able to secure additonal permissions from presenters at the workshop, their content will be avaialble on this page.

2018 Courses and Workshops


The Commercialization Workshop, presented in collaboration with the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, focuses on the pathways to the commercialization of gene and cell therapy products and the unique challenges emerging technologies pose in creating acceptable business models. The Commercialization Workshop is a full-day event.

Gene Editing

The Gene Editing Workshop provides an overview of current gene editing technologies and approaches, emerging uses and applications, as well as the ethical and regulatory considerations. The Gene Editing Workshop is a full-day event.

CAR T Therapies

The CAR T Therapies Workshop, presented in collaboration with the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy, features discussions of the current state of CAR T therapeutic approaches in light of recent FDA approvals including the implementation of treatment protocols and indications for future applications. The CAR T Therapies Workshop is a half-day event.

21st Annual Meeting
May 16 - 19 | Chicago