Hemophilia Webinars

ASGCT and the Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) have partnered to produce a series of patient education webinars.

Gene Thrapy Basics

In the first webinar, Mark Kay, PhD of Stanford University School of Medicine explains basic concepts in hemophilia gene therapy, helping patients understand how gene therapy might impact now and in the future on their disease.

Gene Therapy in Bleeding Disorders - Hemophilia

In the second webinar, Dr. Kay discusses the latest advances in gene therapy for bleeding disorders, specifically for hemophilia. He provides a brief history of previous human gene therapy trails for hemophilia and discusses the differences between trials. Dr. Kay also addresses potential challenges of gene therapy for hemophilia.

20th Annual Meeting Video Recordings

View videos of the educational sessions, scientific symposia, and plenary sessions from the 20th Annual Meeting.

ASGCT Policy Summit
November 4 – 6 | Washington D.C.