Finding a Clinical Trial

Your doctor is an excellent resource to help identify clinical trials for a particular disease. There are a number of online resources to assist in locating clinical trials currently accepting patients.

When looking for a clinical trial, remember to make sure the trial is appropriate for the disease. Most trials also specify an age range for the participants. Additional eligibility requirements vary depending on the individual study. If they are not listed on the web, you can contact the health professionals.

ASGCT Clinical Trials Finder

ASGCT maintains a tremendous resource for all American gene and cell therapy clinical trials in the ASGCT Clinical Trials Finder. All content in this registry is curated in real time from the US National Institutes of Health and ASGCT sets itself apart by creating a user-friendly, searchable database designed to serve a wide variety of stakeholders from patients to providers to sponsors. The ASGCT registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants in the United States.

Search the ASGCT Clinical Trials Finder

National Cancer Institute 

For cancer trials, the National Cancer Institute also maintains a website that provides extensive resources for all types of cancer. This website maintains a searchable database of all cancer trials, including gene therapy trials. 



Clinical Trials FAQs

Learn about topics like informed consent and the safety and importance of clinical trials for gene and cell therapy.

Helpful Websites

Our list of resources helps put patients in touch with foundations and patient advocacy groups.


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