Pillars of Advocacy

The ASGCT Advocacy Program is built upon three pillars: education and awareness of gene and cell therapy; biomedical research funding to promote gene and cell therapy with an emphasis on translational research; and defining the value of gene and cell therapy.

The Three Pillars

Education and Awareness

As the promise of gene and cell therapy becomes a reality, ASGCT is leading the conversation among key policy-makers encouraging open and thorough discussion intent on yielding thoughtful and well-informed health policies.

Biomedical Research Funding

Gene and cell therapy, and the benefits it delivers to patients, was cultivated, nurtured, and is sustained in large part through federally funded research programs and policies that enable capital investment.  ASGCT vigorously supports these efforts to bring new therapies to market. 

Value of Gene and Cell Therapy

Gene and cell therapy will have an immediate and profound impact on patients, providers, and payers.  ASGCT is committed to understanding that impact and educating decision-makers engaged in developing policies that influence patient access to gene and cell therapy.


ASGCT 24th Annual Meeting

May 12-15, 2021