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Volunteer to Serve on ASGCT's Trainee Committee

The Trainee Committee was approved as a new entity by the ASGCT membership in 2015 to provide a forum for Associate Member trainees to provide input to the society regarding issues specifically relevant to training and career development, as well as providing trainee perspectives and expertise to the Society. The Committee may be asked by the Program Committee to provide suggestions for trainee-directed events at the Annual Meeting. The Committee reports to Board, or to specific ASGCT Committees, as appropriate for each project or issue.

Roles of the Trainee Committee

  • Representing trainees (including international trainees and trainees at all levels of training including undergraduate and graduate students, clinical trainees, and post-doctoral fellows,) to ASGCT leadership
  • Acting as a liaison to other committees, providing a trainee perspective. Members of the Trainee Committee may be asked to serve as members of ASGCT subcommittees addressing specific issues or as liaisons to ASGCT Committees as appropriate.
  • Providing input to the Program Committee regarding events of specific interest to trainees at the ASGCT annual meeting and other ASGCT meetings.
  • Disseminating information to trainees and ASGCT members throughout the year via social media, the ASGCT website, the ASGCT newsletter and other venues. The Trainee Committee is envisioned as the lead for ASGCT social media outreach.
  • Participate in monthly conference calls with the Executive Office.
  • Generate and post social media content on behalf of ASGCT throughout the year on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Propose and coordinate events for Trainee members at the Annual Meeting.
  • Train incoming Trainee Committee members during overlap year.
  • Provide a "service and leadership gateway" to the New Investigator Committee.

The Training Committee will consist of 10 members, each serving a two-year term.  Terms are staggered so that each year half of the Committee members complete their term.

All Training Committee members must be current Associate Members of ASGCT, and they must renew their membership while serving on the committee in order to remain a member of the committee.  Trainee Committee members must have an MD, PhD, MD/PhD, DVM or PharmD degree, or be enrolled in an MD, MD/PhD, DVM, PhD, or PharmD program, and fulfill criteria for ASGCT Associate Membership. Trainee committee members may currently be serving as instructors, postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows, or graduate students; and be located within academia, government institutions, or industry.

Application Process
Applicants must submit the below materials through the online application form by January 27, 2017. Please review the online application form for a full description of what is needed in each of the below items:

  • Applicant’s current CV.
  • A personal statement of less than 500 words from the applicant.
  • A letter of nomination from the applicant’s training program director or direct mentor, which must include an assessment of the applicant’s qualifications for the ASGCT Trainee Council.

Selection Process
Completed applications will be reviewed by the Selection Committee consisting of ASGCT senior leadership. Associate Members selected for the Trainee Committee will serve a two-year term with the first term beginning in May, 2017.

The deadline to submit applications for the Trainee Council is January 27, 2017.