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David Bumcrot, PhD

David Bumcrot, PhD
Editas Medicine
*Senior Director, Molecular & Cell Biology*

(Please note that David Bumcrot is replacing Sandra Glucksman)

What is your current professional status?

Senior Director, Molecular & Cell Biology

What is your work setting (i.e. academic institution, government organization (i.e. FDA, NIH, etc.), bio-industry/pharmaceutical company, etc.)


What is your scientific area of research?

Therapeutic genome editing

Why do you want to be a mentor?

Scientists early in their careers have difficult decisions to make regarding their professional future.  There are many different paths to take.  I would like to offer my perspectives on a career in biotech as a very exciting choice for young scientists.

As a mentor, what are you hoping to gain from this experience?

I hope to better understand what different types of careers young scientists are thinking about.  What factors are important in making their choices?  How can my experience and point of view help others who are in the position I was 20 years ago?     

How important are the following in the selection of a mentee: (1 – 5 scale, 1 = most important, 5 = least important)

            a. Compatibility of Scientific Specialties - 3
            b. Geographic Location - 5
            c. Professional Status / Success - 4
            d. Compatibility of Career Path - 1
            e. Communication Style - 2

Summarized in a brief paragraph (150 words or less), please provide a biography that describes who you are and what you do in the field of gene and/or cell therapy.

David Bumcrot is Senior Director of Molecular and Cell Biology at Editas Medicine where he heads research teams developing CRISPR/Cas-based therapeutics for a broad range of indications.  As one of the first employees, David has played a major role in building the organization and establishing research strategy.  Before joining Editas Medicine, David spent ten years at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals developing novel RNAi-based therapeutics for multiple indications.  As a Director of Research he played key roles in advancing an oncology product into clinical testing, as well as initiating programs in several other therapeutic areas.  Prior to Alnylam, David led research teams at Curis, Inc. and Ontogeny, Inc.  He was a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University, and earned a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Click here to view David Bumcrot's CV.