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Conrad Russell Cruz, MD, PhD

Conrad Russell Cruz, MD, PhD
Children's National Health System
*Assistant Professor*

What is your current professional status?

Assistant Professor

What is your work setting (i.e. academic institution, government organization (i.e. FDA, NIH, etc.), bio-industry/pharmaceutical company, etc.)

Academic Institution

What is your scientific area of research?


Why do you want to be a mentor?

I want to be able to pay back what I received from my own mentors and help shape the careers of younger scientists.

As a mentor, what are you hoping to gain from this experience?

I want to identify potential mentees (postdocs) who will want to work with me and my group on immune cell therapies at Children's National.         

How important are the following in the selection of a mentee: (1 – 5 scale, 1 = most important, 5 = least important)

            a. Compatibility of Scientific Specialties - 3
            b. Geographic Location - 3
            c. Professional Status / Success - 2
            d. Compatibility of Career Path - 3
            e. Communication Style - 1

Summarized in a brief paragraph (150 words or less), please provide a biography that describes who you are and what you do in the field of gene and/or cell therapy.

I am an Assistant Professor currently working on cell-based immune therapies for cancer and opportunistic infections. Currently, my group aims to use different methods of gene modification (CRISPR, viral transduction) to confer new properties to these cells --- all in the hopes of developing the best therapeutic for these difficult-to-treat diseases.