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Public Resources

20 Years of ASGCT and Gene Therapy


Download the PDF here.


Educational Resources for Patients

Answers to frequently asked questions about clinical trials can be found at: About Clinical Trials. Specific information of ongoing gene and cell therapy clinical trials, including potential participation in a research study, can be found at Finding a Clinical Trial. To view a list of patient organizations that maintain websites with helpful information for patients considering gene and/or cell therapy please see Patient Advocacy Groups that support ASGCT and Sites of Interest for more details.

To view a list of gene and cell therapy terminology, view Gene & Cell Therapy Terminology to easily navigate from one term to another. Click on Gene and Cell Therapy Defined to find educational information on gene and cell therapy and to learn about the commonalities and differences between gene and cell therapy.

Exciting developments in gene and cell therapy to treat several inherited and acquired diseases have been observed. Many notable advancements in gene and cell therapies are discussed in Gene and Cell Therapy for Diseases.

For lay summaries of articles on the latest advancements in gene and cell therapy, please view Gene & Cell Therapy Breakthroughs