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Suggest a New Investigator of the Month

The American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT) is excited to offer its Members the ability to self-nominate or submit recommendations of individuals to be highlighted as a New Investigator of the Month.

ASGCT's New Investigator of the Month profiles an ASGCT member who is new to the field or just beginning an independent position. New Investigators of the Month are selected by the ASGCT Website Taskforce.

To submit a recommendation or nominate yourself, please complete the form below with the information for the individual you are recommending.

ASGCT Members: log in now to autofill this form.

Questionnaire: (Please choose a minimum of four and a maximum of six questions you would like to answer)

1) Briefly describe your current research interests
2) Briefly describe how you reached your current position (educational background)
3) When and why did you first develop an interest in gene and cell therapies?
4) What do you view as your greatest scientific achievement to date?
5) What, in your opinion, marks the greatest advance to date in the field of gene and cell therapy and why?
6) In your opinion, what are the greatest areas of need which must be addressed to ensure continued progress in this field?
7) In what ways do you feel the ASGCT has played a role in your scientific and career development?
8) Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
9) In light of your accomplishments, what advice would you offer to your ASGCT colleagues with respect to research and/or career development?
10) How do you like to pass the time outside of work?

Please submit a photo (TIF or JPEG file) to accompany your profile by email to Emily Hutmacher.

You will receive an email confirmation from us once the form is submitted. Following submission, your proposal will be forwarded to the ASGCT New Investigator Committee and reviewed.