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Information about Gene and Cell Therapy

Click on Gene and Cell Therapy Defined to find educational information on gene and cell therapy and links to other educational resources related to genetic and cellular research. For additional information, click on the Resources for Members link to find more in depth information about the scientific, ethical, and regulatory issues involved with gene and cell therapy.

Resources for Patients

Currently there are no FDA approved gene therapy products in the United States. Gene therapy products are still being studied to assess their safety and efficacy in a wide variety of diseases, from cancer, to genetic diseases, to HIV/AIDS. Promising treatments that are not yet licensed are generally only available through a clinical trial.

Answers to frequently asked questions about clinical trials can be found at: About Clinical Trials. Specific information of ongoing gene therapy clinical trials, including potential participation in a research study, can be found at Finding a Clinical Trial. To view a list of patient organizations that maintain websites with helpful information for patients considering gene and/or cell therapy please see Patient Advocacy Groups that support ASGCT and Sites of Interest for more details.

For lay summaries of articles on the latest advancements in gene and cell therapy, please view Gene & Cell Therapy Breakthroughs. New summaries are added every month, so be sure to check back often.

Media Resources

ASGT Experts GuideIn addition to the educational resources discussed above, information about current advances and opportunities regarding gene and cell therapy can be found at Gene and Cell Therapy in the News. The ASGCT website also contains an archive of current and past ASGCT News Releases and ASGCT Position Statements.

ASGCT also facilitates interactions between scientists and the media through the Gene Therapy Experts Guide PDF. The Guide contains a list of experts familiar with the latest information in specific areas of gene therapy. Members of the media who need additional information or help in identifying the appropriate expert can contact ASGCT or call 414.278.1341.

A list of press releases from the recent ASGCT Annual Meeting is also available.