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Contact Us

Public/Patient Inquiries
The American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy does not provide referrals or information on specific gene or cell therapy trials. This information is available through the National Institutes of Health at ClinicalTrials.gov

American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy
555 East Wells Street
Suite 1100
Milwaukee, WI 53202
voice: 414.278.1341
fax: 414.276.3349

David Barrett
Executive Director
email: dbarrett@asgct.org

Betsy Foss-Campbell
Strategic Alliance Manager
email: bfoss@asgct.org

Emily Hutmacher 
Education & Meetings Manager
email: ehutmacher@asgct.org

Samantha Kay 
Project Manager
email: skay@asgct.org

Alex Wendland
Digital Communications Manager
email: awendland@asgct.org

David Wood
Senior Program Manager
email: dwood@asgct.org

Becky Zimmer
Membership & Administrative Manager
email: rzimmer@asgct.org